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 We Develop Your Methods for with You 

PhenoLogix is a full-service analytical support laboratory within Phenomenex that exists solely to provide you with customized methods to meet your individual needs. If you are interested in PhenoLogix Services, please contact your Phenomenex representative.


The Next Level of Support

PhenoLogix grew organically as a result of you, our customer. Over the years, our customers continued reaching out to us for help developing and optimizing their methods. It was out of this need that we assembled a full team of subject matter experts, with decades of experience in many diverse fields, who are committed to making your laboratory more productive.

We have grown from a small corner in our R&D department to a world class laboratory offering a wide menu of services for customers around the world.

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Meet Some of Our Team Members

Dr. J Preston

My favorite part about the science, is the art.

Area of Expertise

HPLC Method Development
Preparative Chromatography
Chiral and Achiral SFC

Phun Facts

  • Has 15 years of experience working in major pharmaceutical companies across Chicagoland and California
  • Has a PhD and MS in Analytical Chemistry
  • Likes fishing and BBQing, but not BBQing Fish

Seyed Sadjadi

The best part of my day is teaching.

Area of Expertise

LCMS Method Development
Clinical Research
Sample Preparation

Phun Facts

  • Over 26 years experience in the clinical research industry
  • Is known company wide as the LC/MS guru
  • Loves flaming hot super spicy food

Jenny Wei

I was a Pharmacist in China.

Area of Expertise

LCMS Method Development
Sample Preparation

Phun Facts

  • Over 13 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Fluent in Mandarin and English
  • Hobbies include badminton, poker, and skiing

Shahana Huq

I find myself fortunate to be able to work with a group of intellectually and socially smart people.

Area of Expertise

Sample Preparation
LCMS Method Development

Phun Facts

  • Has been with Phenomenex for 14years, and part of every sample preparation product introduction
  • Studied Chemistry in Calcutta, and California. Has a MS in Biochemistry
  • Loves music and Biryani cuisine

Julissa Fernandez

My favorite work is teamwork.

Area of Expertise

Chiral Method Development

Phun Facts

  • She ran two LA marathons
  • Contributes to 80% success rate in chiral screening
  • Has vast environmental analysis experience

Ram Flores

I enjoy helping customers overcome their challenges.

Area of Expertise

Customer Service
Project Management

Phun Facts

  • Loves Italian food and turtles, but not together
  • Previous experience centers around photolithography, process gasses, and project manager
  • Best described as the PhenoLogix quarterback

Jix, PhenoLogix Mascot

Sharing knowledge & resources is my favorite part of PhenoLogix

Area of Expertise

Customer Satisfaction

Phun Facts

  • Hobbies include experimental design and dubstep mixtapes
  • Likes to show his sensitive side, especially in LC/MS
  • Loves anything related to chromatographic method development

Let PhenoLogix be an Extension of your Lab!

We specialize in customized separations solutions based on your needs. Our experts take on projects involving; HPLC, UHPLC, GC, GC/MS, LC/MS/MS, SPE method development and optimization, as well as sample preparation, impurity isolations, chiral screening, and small to medium scale purifications.

PhenoLogix offers different levels of support based on your needs, which can range from simple column screening services to advanced method development and method validation.

We also have an excellent team of traveling scientists who can come to your lab to solve a problem hands-on, for on-site method transfer, or to provide training seminars for you and your team. The majority of our services are offered at little or no cost to our customers. For complex or long-term projects requiring additional cost, pricing will be disclosed and approved prior to beginning any project.

Projects accepted include, but are not limited to:

  •  New Method Development and Optimization
  •  Chiral Screening and Optimization
  •  Preparative HPLC Scale-Up
  •  Small to Medium Scale Purification
  •  Hands-On Training
  •  Consulting
  •  On-Site Method Transfer

 Questions about your specific project?
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Explore Our Lab

With over 9,000 square feet in our PhenoLogix facility, we are able to house a wide variety of instruments in an effort to recreate your resources in our lab. From established platforms and technologies, to the latest cutting-edge instruments and software, we can develop the method matching your capabilities to make transfer back into your lab seamless and simple.

A sampling of our current instrumentation capabilities include but not limited to :


  •  Agilent® 1100, 1200, 1260 and 1290
  •  Waters® Alliance®
  •  Waters® ACQUITY® UPLC
  •  Shimadzu® LC10
  •  Shimadzu LC20
  •  Shimadzu LC30 Nexera UHPLC
  •  Cohesive TLX1
  •  Wide variety of detectors including;
     DAD, Fluorescence, RID, etc


  •  Agilent 5890 (I and II)
  •  Agilent 6890
  •  Agilent 6890/5973 Mass Spec


  •  Sciex API 4000QTRAP®
  •  Sciex 4500
  •  Sciex 5000


  • Tecan® Freedom EVO 100® liquid Handling Platform
  • expression® CMS - Compact Mass Spectrometer
  • arium® comfort II

*As well as all equipment necessary for a high quality analytical services laboratory,
PhenoLogix maintains world class facilities for sample preparation on any scale.

Alliance, ACQUITY and Waters are registered trademarks of Waters Corporation. ABSciex and QTRAP are registered trademarks of ABSciex.
Shimadzu is a registered trademark of Shimadzu Corporation. Tecan and Freedom EVO are a registered trademark of Tecan Group Ltd. expression is a registered trademark of Advion. arium is a registered trademark of Sartorius.

Phenomenex is in no way affiliated with Waters, Tecan, ABScienx, Shimadzu, Agilent Corporation, Advion or Sartorius.