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  • UHPLC/HPLC Kinetex PS C18

    Kinetex PS C18

    100% aqueous stable C18 with a positive surface charge

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  • Chiral LC Lux i-Amylose-1

    Lux i-Amylose-3

    Excellent resolving power for chiral molecules

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  • Sample Prep Presston Manifold

    Presston 1000

    Positive pressure manifold for streamlined sample preparation

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  • UHPLC/HPLC Luna Omega Sugar

    Luna Omega SUGAR

    Combined amide/amino stationary phase and polar end capping offers enhanced HILIC retention of carbohydrates through multiple interaction mechanisms.

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  • GC GC coil

    Zebron ZB-624PLUS

    Enhanced Peak Shape with Superior Deactivation

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  • Flash Claricep

    Claricep Flash Products

    Deactivated silica surface provides excellent peak shape and performance

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  • UHPLC/HPLC bioZen Column

    bioZen Bio Series

    With a new titanium biocompatible hardware to minimize priming, two particle platforms for optimal versatility, bioZen UHPLC/HPLC columns are designed to bring peace of mind to your analysis of biologics.

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  • Sample Prep Strata-X-Drug B Plate

    Strata-X-Drug B Plus

    In-well urine hydrolysis and target selectivity reduces transfer steps and maximizes selectivity for drugs of abuse.

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Featured Guides and Webinars

  • SP Accessories Guide

    SP Accessories Guide

    An overview on sample preparation accessories, from sample processing to laboratory safety

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  • Environmental Application Guide

    Environmental Application Guide

    LC-MS/MS Application Guide for Herbicides, Pesticide, and more

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  • PFAS Application Guide

    PFAS Application Guide

    Tips for maximimizing poly-fluorinated alkyl substances by Sample Preparation, QuEChERS, and LC-MS/MS

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  • Drug Metabolism Guide

    Drug Metabolism Guide

    Tips for maximimizing drug metabolism separations

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  • UHPLC Selectivity Guide

    UHPLC Selectivity Guide

    Tips for improving UHPLC selectivity and performance.

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  • Cannabis Testing Guide

    Cannabis Testing Guide

    Complete solutions for LC, GC, and Sample Prep.

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  • different types of sugar

    Enhanced Simple Sugar Retention and Resolution Using an Innovative and Robust HILIC Phase

    Enhanced Carbohydrate Retention and Resolution Using an Innovative and Robust HILIC Phase

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  • garden

    Determining a Rational HPLC/UHPLC Selectivity Starting Point

    Systematic and fast approach to determining a rational selectivity starting point based on physicochemical properties of applicable analyte(s) of interest

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  • blonde, red, and black hair

    Hair Testing Webinar

    Developing Accurate LC-MS/MS Methods for Hair and Oral Fluid Alternative Matrices

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Featured Blogs

  • falling column


    What is HPLC and How Does It Work?

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  • cocaine

    Forensic Toxicology

    Sugar Intake and Cocaine Addiction - Are they Equally Dangerous?

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  • fish bowls


    Large vs Small Organic Molecules in Biopharmaceuticals

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  • SPE

    Sample Prep

    Two Unique Options for Supported Liquid Extraction

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  • lab work


    Tips to Maintain HPLC/UHPLC Systems and Improve Column Longevity

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  • water through a column

    Gas Chromatography

    Is Water Safe to Inject In Gas Chromatography?

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  • olive oil crime scene

    Food/Beverage Analysis

    Modern Chromatography Combats Olive Oil Counterfeiting

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