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 LuxTM 多糖衍生物手性柱
保证可替代Daicel/Chiral Technologies® 手性色谱柱,是手性筛分与纯化的最佳初始色谱柱

Chirex™ – Pirkle-刷型 与配体交换 手性色谱柱 


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 Lux® 多糖衍生物手性HPLC/SFC
保证可替代Daicel/Chiral Technologies® 手性色谱柱,是手性筛分与纯化的最佳初始色谱柱

Axia™– 填装制备柱


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PhenoLogix Method Development Services consists of a team of scientists who are well versed in all aspects of HPLC method development. Reliable HPLC methods and fast turnarounds are our specialty for Chiral HPLC Analysis. Depending on compound type, we screen multiple chiral stationary phases under different conditions (Normal Phase, Reversed Phase, and Polar Organic) and return a detailed report of the recommended separation method so you can begin work right away.

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"We requested two different chiral compounds be separated and purified. We received the first set of compounds at 99 % e.e. within a week and the second set in 2 weeks, also at greater than 99 % e.e. The second set was a difficult separation. We were very happy with the quality of the separation and the quick turnaround, which was tantamount. Jeff Layne and his group did a great job of informing me on the progress and chemistry/separation issues that arose. I have recommended this services to other colleagues in the Pharmaceutical and BioTech industry here in San Diego and I look forward to using them again. "

Isabelle Okuda
Celgene Corporation,
San Diego, California, USA