Strata-X Method Development

and Peptide Screening Microelution 96-Well Plates

Successful Bioanalytical Sample Preparation
Without the Dry Down

Save 30 or more minutes per 96-well plate!

Elution volume as low as 25µL
At least 8x more sensitive than traditional 10mg SPE
Load sample volumes as low as 10µL
Process small or limited sample volume without constraints

Do More in Less Time !

Packed with the same high quality polymeric sorbent that labs have relied on for over 15 years, the new Strata-X microelution format allows analysts to analyze small or limited sample volumes, skip the dry down, and ultimately save time and money. In addition Strata-X microelution plates are compatible with standard vacuum manifolds, positive pressure manifolds, and liquid handling systems, making it even easier to process your samples.