Prep/Process Media

Increase Yield, Purity, and Column Lifetime

We have redefined the standard for industrial process media and control all areas of media production.

We Specialize in Media with:

  • High Surface Area for Increased Loadability
  • Wide Range of Media for Superior Selectivities
  • Superior Mechanical Strength for Long Column Lifetimes
  • Enhanced Chemical Stability for Added Versatility

We Guarantee Media with:

  • Controlled pore size diameter and volume
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Reproducible bonding
  • Exacting scalability
  • Optimized density
  • Metal free silica

Multi-Gram to Process Scale

Phenomenex is here to deliver

Chiral Purification


Complete Chiral Solutions
Unique polysaccharide chiral phases for HPLC, SMB, and SFC

Peptide and Small Molecule Purification


Proven Lifetime and Performance
High surface area (100 Å 400 m 2/g) for maximum sample loading and resolution of closely eluting peaks


High pH Process Separations
pH stable (1-12) media optimal for high alkaline washes (Insulin) and high pH purifications of basic drugs


High pH Process Separations
Alternative selectivity to C18 that offers increased retention of small polar and/or aromatic compounds in HPLC and SFC

Protein and Large Peptide Purification


Increased Loadability for Biomolecule Separations
Provides excellent resolution between proteins with similar properties. Optimal for the separation of intact proteins > 10,000 MW


Medium Pressure Applications
Polymer and silica based 30, 50 and 115 µm media available with polar, non-polar, and strong or weak ion-exchange chemistries

Application Selection Chart
Brand Small Molecule  Peptides   Proteins  Chiral Molecules Oligonucleotides Capture and Concentrate
Luna X X
Gemini X X
Synergi X
Jupiter X X
Lux X
Clarity X
Sepra X

Pre-Packed Preparative Columns: Axia Technology

Axia columns incorporate patented Hydraulic Piston Compression technology to eliminate bed collapse as a source of failure in preparative columns. Ideal bed density is custom calculated and automated for each support, chemistry, and column dimensions with 21.2mm, 30mm, and 50mm ID’s.

Computer control of the entire process assures both proper bed density and uniformity. Using a single, controlled hydraulic compression, the piston assembly is locked in place without allowing the media to decompress or “relax,” thus maintaining media and column bed integrity. The result is an improved, repeatable packing process, giving preparative chromatographers:

  • Increased loadability
  • Reproducibility: column-to-column
  • Stability under high flow rates
  • Higher efficiency